Fulfilling Life’s Purpose

All people have a gift to share with the world. How to you contribute? Is it by helping others through encouragement, volunteering or simply by being a great example? Or do you heal people by working in or supporting the medical community? Do you offer employment to individuals so that they may be able to […]

You Need “Grit” For Success

I recently watched a Ted talk that revealed it takes more than intelligence to be successful. Angela Lee Duckworth describes grit as “passion and perseverance for a very long term goal.” This immeasurable characteristic essentially is the divider between those who become successful and those who don’t.  How is this related to health and wellness? […]


Thanks to a well-designed study from Stockholm this week, a diet high in fruits reduces aneurisms. Thanks to the Swedes! I guess we needed another reason to eat whole fruits because not enough people do. I know, isn’t it strange? We already know a diet high in fruits and vegetables reduces cases of cardiovascular disease, […]