We DON’T specialize in making bikini bodies.
We DO specialize in:

Better Medical Health Outcomes (Your doctor will be happy with you!)
Better Quality of Life (Noticeable by you & your loved ones)
Greater Happiness (More energy & less pain)

We are not a one-size-fits all program. In fact, that is why we offer multiple specialized programs that are targeted specifically for the people who need it. LWell programs, covered by Medicare, Optima, Blue Cross Blue Shield (anthem), Aetna, Humana & Cigna insurances include: Medical Nutrition Therapy, Online Wellness Coaching and Diabetes Self-Management Education & Training Coaching at the YMCA.

LWell Programs are built to adapt to your unique health situation, life situation and motivation level. We stick to what actually works for you and help to make sure your results are successful & sustainable!

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