Need smoothie recipes?

Learn to make smoothies the LWell way this Saturday at 12. We were featured in the Daily Press and The Virginia Gazette for this scrumptious class.
Come learn how to make weight loss delicious!

Be a part of this life-changing book club!

Made To Crave associates spirituality with food. Our own Wendy Banton is not only a fantastic personal trainer, but she is also a certified lay minister. This unique combination makes her the perfect person to take you to another level in your wellness journey. People of all beliefs welcomed and encouraged to this book club and to LWell of course, but note the Christian themes of the book. Starts Jan 31 at 11AM and runs 6 consecutive Saturdays at 11.


The LWell team has never been stacked with more talent to support you!
Robin, Wendy, Jo, Maria, Jay, Marybeth, Margaret, Brady, Erika, Karen and Caroline are always ready to support you!

Did you know that each trainer at LWell is also available for one-on-ones? Ask more at the front desk. Who wouldn’t want a private yoga session with Robin?

Welcome Maria!

She is an amazing individual. A certified personal trainer and nutrition coach who has lived the weight loss experience personally. This mom lost 80 pounds before becoming a trainer and a professional body builder. Her passion for wellness is contagious, and I know you’ll appreciate her depth of knowledge, sincere kindness and warm heart. Maria is our new LWellness Director. Welcome aboard Maria!

Jay Florentin is stepping into a bigger role at LWell too. He has been our famous Sunday trainer, but his full time job has been in sales for another company. Now, as the new LWell Sales and Marketing director, he will be working on the outside to help us grow the LWell family out in the community. Congratulations Jay!

Schedule a booster coaching session!

What would you like to accomplish before February 21? Your coach will help you put together a customized plan to make that happen. Contact Caroline if you’re wondering how to get started: 585-3441